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View Times Classified Public Notice Ad Rates 2017-2018

Book Public notice ads in Times of India Newspaper

Times of India Accepts following kinds of advertisement in Public notice category.

  • Public Notice ads
  • Legal Notice ads
  • Public Notice ads
  • Society share certificates lost ads
  • Property dispute ads
  • C-forms lost ads
  • H-forms lost ads
  • Documents lost ads
  • Tender notice ads
  • Redevelopment public notice ads
  • Office shifted Public notice ads etc
Editions 3 X 5 box Ad (Rs.) Display Ad Rates
Mumbai 335 3150
Delhi 510 2705
Bangalore 650 1680
Kolkata 350 1225
Ahmadabad 280 745
Chandigarh 50 240
Chennai 350 645
Pune 150 875
Goa - 95
Patna / Bihar 180 515
Hyderabad - 675
Jaipur 45 230
Kanpur 68 170
Lucknow 354 820
Mangalore 20 80
Mysore 20 115
Nagpur 35 90
Hubli 20 -
Jharkhand - 255
Cochin 50 -
Bhuvneshwar - 310

Frequently asked Question

Q : Can we book online Public Notice Advertisement in Times of India ?

A: Yes, you can book online. It is advisable you to contact once our customer care executives. so they can guide you properly to release Public Notice ads in Times of India newspaper.

Q: How long it takes to advertise Public Notice ad in Times of India newspaper ?

A: We need atleast Two days in advance with proper Ad content to release Public Notice ads in Times of India Newspaper

Q : How will I make payment for Public Notice ads to release in Times of India ?

A : We have dedicated payment gateway which is there on our website, so you can pay online. also you can pay by direct depositing cash / NEFT in our SBI, ICICI, PNB, HDFC & Respective Banks

Q : How can i get newspaper copies of my Public Notice advertisement released in Times of India Newspaper?

A: Times of India is easily available near any of yours newspaper stalls, we will mail you soft copy by email on ur address.

Q : What is the ad size of public notice ads in Times of India?

A: When it comes to releasing public notice ads in Indian newspaper, Times of india is known as one of the preferred and respected and legal document paper.. for public notice kinds of advertisement. Times of india newspaper has kept very economical rates for public notice advertisers. Minimum public notice advertisement appears in classified column starts with 3 Cm width X 5 Cm height. And in Display Public / Tender notice page it start with width of 8 Cm X 5 Cm height.

Q : Do I need to provide any documents to publish Public notice ads in Times of India?

A: Public notices is of different types. It may be legal public notice, or tender public notice, property buy / sale public notice. All depends upon. If its legal, we need all advertisement content on Lawyers letter head or if it it is society share lost / or society building development notice. We need the advertisement content on letter head of society with duly signature by secretary.

Q : Is it necessary to give office shifted public notice ad in Indian newspaper ?

A: As per India company act, it is compulsory to advertise shifting of company address in national newspapers. Times of india carries shifting of office address kind of public notice advertisement on regular basis as it is very well known as one of the reputed national dailies of India

Q : If I have more questions about publishing Public Notice advertising in Times of India where should I contact?

A. If you not get the question which you need free to call us any time on +91 9821254000 / 67704000 or

E-mail us on info@riyoadvertising.com or u can send us call back request. Which is available on our every page.