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View Times Classified Obituary Ad Rates 2017-2018

Book Obituary Ads in Times of india Newspaper

One of the best quote written by "Jeanette Winterson"

"To Lose some one you love is to alter your life forever...
The pain stops, there are new people,
but the gap never closes..
This hole in heart is the shape of one you lost -
no one else can fit it."

When incident of losing of someone happens in life it pains .... Those moments are very difficult to control our identity and manage situations. We need to intimate our relatives, family members about sad demise of our loved ones.

Times of India accepts all kinds of sad demise ads, Death Announcement ads, Death Anniversary ads, Condolences ads, Bhog Ceremony ads, Tributes ads, Birthday Remembrances Ads, Chautha-Uthamna Ads, Marka Ads,Prayer Meeting ( Obituary ) Ads Months Mind ads, Remembrance Ads

Times of india is carrying a separate page for obituary advertisement. You can download some samples and quotes below to advertise obituary ads in Times of india Contact us on 022- 67704000 / 67706500 or mail to us on obituaryads@gmail.com

Edition Classified Display Ad Rates (Min Size 3X5) Remembrance Ad Rates with Photo Double Coloumn display ad rates
B & W Color
Mumbai 325 4750 895 895
Delhi 290 4900 700 700
Bangalore 395 4000 750 750
Kolkata 205 750 840 840
Ahmadabad 172 1200 195 195
Chandigarh - 390 65 85
Chennai 360 1600 370 370
Pune 150 1400 350 350
Goa - 385 26 52
Guwahati - - - -
Patna / Bihar 100 575 550 550
Kolhapur - - 42 42
Hyderabad 125 - 100 100
Vishakhapatnam - - - -
Jaipur 90 500 60 105
Kanpur 55 - 273 31
Bhopal 8 - 26 52
Lucknow 250 734 260 260
Mangalore 15 200 31 31
Coimbatore 60 400 52 52
Mysore 15 200 31 31
Nagpur 20 350 60 85
Trichy / Madurai 30 400 18 18
Hubli 15 200 - -
Aurangabad 10 - 31 31
Nashik 35 - 63 63

Frequently asked Question

Q : Can we book online Obituary Advertisement in Times of India ?

A: Yes, you can book online. It is advisable you to contact once our customer care executives. so they can guide you properly to release Obituary ads in Times of India newspaper.

Q: How long it takes to advertise Obituary ad in Times of India newspaper ?

A: We need atleast Two days in advance with proper Ad content to release Obituary ads in Times of India Newspaper

Q : How will I make payment for Obituary ads to release in Times of India ?

A : We have dedicated payment gateway which is there on our website, so you can pay online. also you can pay by direct depositing cash / NEFT in our SBI, ICICI, PNB, HDFC & Respective Banks

Q : How can i get newspaper copies of my Obituary advertisement released in Times of India Newspaper?

A: Times of India is easily available near any of yours newspaper stalls, we will mail you soft copy by email on ur address.

Q : If I have more questions about publishing Obituary advertising in Times of India where should I contact?

A. If you not get the question which you need free to call us any time on +91 9821254000 / 67704000 or

E-mail us on info@riyoadvertising.com or u can send us call back request. Which is available on our every page.

Q. Why should I book Obituary ads in Times of india through Riyo Advertising?

A. Dear sir / Mam, we have dedicated team to book obituary ads in Times of india, who is taking care of all kind of advertisement artwork and giving best guidance for releasing obituary ads

Q. What is the size of obituary ad in Times of india?

A. The obituary ads in Times of india starts with Minimum size of width 3 Cm X Height 5 Cm, Times of india accepts black &white and color advertisements.

Q. what is the procedure, If my ad didn’t get publish on given date in Times of india ?

A. We give clear confirmation about the scheduled advertisement in advance. if the deadline has gone for publishing date.. we intimate in advance to our customers. so this kind of situation usually dont occurs.

Q. How can I get an older copy of the paper?

A. Times has online epaper system. you can access all copies of last year.

Q. Will my Obituary ad run in color in the Times of india newspaper?

A. Yes, Times of india accepts color advertisement for obituary ads.

Q. Is the preview an accurate representation of how the ad will look in the Times of india newspaper?

A. Yes, We will send you pdf / jpeg file before publishing ads

Q. How do I access obituary ads that were published previously?

A. www.epaper.timesofindia.com

Q. What types of ad I can book in Obituary ad section?

A. Classified Lineage, Display Classifieds and Quarter page on obituary Page.

Q. Which documents are required to publish obituary ads in Times of india Newspaper?

A. We need just a scan copy of Death certificate or Dr Letter. Email us on obituaryads@gmail.com

Q. What are the charges for booking an obituary ad in the Times of India?

A. To know obituary ad rate for Times of India you can contact Riyo Advertising or visit http://timesofindia.riyoadvertising.com/Book-Obituary-Ads-in-Times-of-India.html page to view advertisement charges for Times of India.

Q. What is the procedure to book Obituary ad in Times of india ?

A. Its very simple, just email us the detail about deceased person, Photo and the advertisement content to be published for obituary ads in Times of india.

Q. Can I publish obituary ad from any other country to Times of india?

A. If you are residing out of india, and having NRI Status, requesting you to send vie email death certificate of deceased person of respective country and advertisement content . rest we can guide you how to process further to release ads in times of india. We will guide you the booking procedure and payment procedure online.

Q. On which page of Times of india my ad will get publish?

A. Times of india carries a sepearte obituary page on daily basis. On that page Classified , display classified and big display ads comes on daily basis. If you want you can download ad sample we have given link above.

Q. How do I insert a photo in an obituary ad in The Times of india?

A. Please email us on obituaryads@gmail.com , we will make free creative for you. We don’t charge for any artwork for obituary ads in times of india.

Q. How do I publish an obituary ad in Times of india newspaper in Nagpur district from Mumbai?

A : Simple, we are online advertising agency for obituary ads. We books all kinds of obituary ads in times of india on any 24 editions. We also book all kinds of obituary ads for Nagpur Edition of Times of India. Kindly mail us details.